Are you looking to improve your work? Want to stand out in your market? Fine tune a few things? Almost there but need a push from outside eyes?

After much though and hard work to get to where I am now, I'm feeling grateful for the long road I've taken to teach myself and want to offer guidence to you!  

Mentoring is customed to YOU!  You will receive a questionnaire prior to your mentoring.

1:1 in-person mentoring

1:1 in-person mentoring


Day of fun learning

We will meet at a coffee shop to discuss all things photography and get to know each other

Go over the details that will cater to you and the challenges you'd like to push through

Back to my home studio for some natural light shooting and portfolio review

Meet our Family for the session (a REAL family)

Shoot together, assess the surroundings and create interesting compositions

Naturally guide our family into connections we love and I will walk you through what I'm doing

Come back to home studio and edit

Schedule may be different if this is for newborn mentoring

*Must add that you must be comfortable using your camera and shooting in manual mode , if not contact me and we can custom learning to you

Online Mentoring

1 Hour Online Mentoring


We will be using Skype and screensharing for edits

I am here for all your questions!

Whether it's wanting to find your editing style, session settings, triggering those emotions out of clients, gear talk, or even light!

If you want to dedicate this hour stricktly to editing.... sure!

We can find a look for you and help define your style!

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