About Jamie

I am a momma to five small, beautiful children who give me the ultimate inspiration to do what I love.  I soak them in every chance I get and my camera is obsessed with them!

And married to the best husband that supports me 100%.

Not a day goes by that I see beautiful in all things! And that beauty is not always straight forward.

I seem to be more drawn to the moody, emotive photo. Capturing the inner soul.

I am a lover of natural light! A lover of all things natural and organic. I love texture and mixing different textures together.

I love the challenges of the unknown! I have a passion to capture moments and especially the moments in between.

I believe that little things matter the most. And the memories we make are made to last forever. Oh and I have a slight addiction to Starbucks.

And I am always looking to better myself during this never ending journey I love so much.

I would love to be a part of your special time. Thank you for being here.

And thank you for considering Jamie Olsen Photography.

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