My Mini Monets

So sometimes I let the littles paint really big inside the house……yes I said INSIDE the house!!!!  Thanks to the washable paints that the drops on the carpet were pretty easy to remove!!!!  And with the sink close by it was like it never happened after we were finished BUT that’s not what we were concerned about……..I want my littles to experience fun times like this and the memories that I can capture with them can only be the beginnings of our conversations we have as a family as we grow together.   I want them to look back at these and know that they had a happy, fun childhood and that they were LOVED to the moon and back!!!  Here are some memories made by my babies, my lil’ Monets!



January 23, 2014 - 1:30 am

Malia - Jamie!! These photos (and kids) are so beautiful! What a fun idea! Great memories. Super impressed how you are able to keep up with editing and posting photos with a house full of littles. Gotta tell you… I just scrolled through your blog and am blown away at your talent! What I wouldn’t give to learn at your feet. 🙂 Seriously, your images are lovely. Thanks for sharing your gift with us on this site. I will come back and visit when I am in need of a good dose of photography eye candy 😉 aloha, malia

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